Our Buildings

A World Built Just for Them

Individual in personality, each of our beautiful buildings shares a common design and philosophy that is felt throughout all of our Kensington Schools.

Our first school building, located on Kensington Avenue in LaGrange, served as the town’s first schoolhouse. Built in 1894, The Old North School’s unique interior architecture has served as inspiration for the construction of all subsequent Kensington School buildings.

From the drawing board to completion, a Kensington School building provides the highest standards of safety, comfort, and security for each child. Our school buildings are a well-blended combination of cheerful, individual classrooms and common areas such as the gym, library, roundabout and play yards enjoyed by all ages. Above all, it is a welcoming and home-like place that children instantly recognize as their own.

We welcome your visit and trust that you, too, will appreciate these extraordinary early childhood settings in a world built just for them.

Kensington Classrooms

The Vision of a Kensington Classroom

Open the door to a Kensington School classroom and you will find a vibrant learning environment full of natural lighting spilling through over-sized windows. Filled with wonderful, pleasing spaces, our classrooms encourage children to be active learners, deriving great pleasure from their freedom and independence.

The Kensington classroom design is very specific in its objectives. Well-defined classroom areas separate active from quiet play, and individual from small group experiences. Carefully developed, stimulating interest centers encourage child-initiated investigations. Engaging spaces for dramatic play provide quiet nooks for reading or conversation. Scaled to the size of a child, the classroom’s bathroom and coatroom help children grow in self-help skills under the guidance of their teachers.

Visitors always comment on the beauty of Kensington School’s classroom furnishings and equipment. The warmth of wood, quality workmanship with the highest safety standards, and an abundance of carefully selected learning materials combine to present a very appealing environment for children, teachers and parents alike.

Our Outdoor Environments

Kensington Learning Goes Outside

From “cooking” in summer Mud Kitchens to winter snow fort making, Kensington School’s outdoor environments become an extension of the classroom in every season.

Visit a Kensington School play yard and you will find a spacious combination of customized play structures for every age, grassy areas for group play or picnicking, patios full of easels and sensory tubs, tricycles on riding tracks and child planted school gardens. From young infants splashing and enjoying water play on the patio, to our preschoolers going on nature hunts and discovering the signs of the changing seasons, to older kindergarteners playing soccer or reading, and even taking our music or yoga classes outside on a beautiful day – Kensington School loves to take learning outdoors.


Kensington School is committed to building strong partnerships with parents and communication has become the core of these wonderful, close relationships with families. From daily electronic and verbal communication to classroom and director newsletters, to special school events and parent-teacher conferences, Kensington School consistently strives to keep parents informed of their child’s daily activities and classroom learning experiences.

Kensington School builds strong family-school ties.

Daily Communication is Paramount

Kensington School staff members and directors interact daily with parents, warmly greeting families in the classroom or part day preschool carpool lane, at the end of their child’s time at Kensington, perhaps with a story about the day. Our staff and directors truly enjoy the strong bonds they make with families and will gladly discuss any questions or comments, either face to face, over the phone or via electronic communication.

Tadpoles© Digital Communication Tool

See your child learn and grow each day. Kensington School enjoys the use of Tadpoles mobile application, allowing teachers to share pictures, videos and notes with parents about their child daily. Frequently, we are told these are a sweet highlight of a parent’s day. These images be saved and shared by parents. From individual daily reports, to upcoming school wide events, classroom activities and important school information, each family member is well-informed of what their child is experiencing at Kensington School. This software also allows for parents to send notes to their child’s teacher and to view their child’s learning portfolios, documenting developmental progress and achievements.


Kensington School loves sharing newsletters with families.
Classroom Newsletters and Director’s Newsletters
Monthly Curriculum Newsletters (Infant Possibilities, Infants; On Kensington Lane, Toddler Prep and I am Two; Kensington Days, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten; Learning in Action Project Based Learning Photo Collages)


Parent Teacher Conferences are held semiannually and provide feedback through information from “I’m On My Way” assessments. Parents are always welcome to request a parent teacher conference at any time.

Special Events at Kensington School

Beginning of the year Ice Cream Socials and Parent Curriculum Night, musical performances, holiday parties, family potlucks, graduations – Children and families alike love to celebrate these traditions and special times at school with family and friends.
Extra special days also include Grandparents’ Day, Dad’s Day, Mom’s Day, even a holiday “Elves Night Out.” Parents also appreciate our annual Picture Days and treasure these formal pictures from one year to the next.
Above all, we wish to nurture the home-school connection for every child and parent at Kensington School, creating a strong foundation in which children are loved and encouraged at every turn.