We would like to personally welcome you to our school website.

Founded in 1969 and nationally recognized for excellence, Kensington School is a private nursery, preschool and kindergarten serving children and families in the suburbs of Chicago. Throughout nine locations, our innovative curriculum, inspirational teaching and beautiful classroom environments make Kensington School a distinctive first school experience for each child.

In a world built just for them, you will find busy, curious and happy children who love being at Kensington School. The sound of laughter, the magic of learning and the hum of activity fill every corner of our buildings. We value our talented teaching staff and build true partnerships with parents, cultivating nurturing environments for children and teachers alike.

As you visit our website, we hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of the learning that takes place at our schools, from our infant nurseries to our thriving kindergarten classrooms. We invite you to visit and experience the energy that has impacted the educational foundation of thousands of children.

We look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to Kensington School and warmly welcome you.

The Marlas Family

Founding Philosophy

Childhood is a extraordinary experience for children at Kensington School. Predicated upon a passionate respect for the formative years, we strive to impart a early educational experience that encompasses all aspects of a child’s development. We believe that establishing strong foundations in learning during the impressionable first years of a child’s life will ensure that each child is well equipped to successfully continue a pattern of joyful, lifelong learning.

Founded by an innovative educator, Kensington School is committed to a style of early education traditional at its core, yet progressive in a philosophy incorporating experiential project based learning for all ages. Within a warm, supportive community, we have created a rich, child-centered environment based on a sound understanding of child development. We embrace the principles of respected educational theorists, practicing teaching methods that encourage children to explore, communicate, question, feel and discover.

We believe that as children learn how to learn within Kensington School’s nurturing environment, they acquire a confidence and inquisitiveness that allows them to experience a sense of wonder and delight in all future learning.

NAEYC® Accreditation

What is NAEYC?

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is the premier accrediting body for early childhood programs. NAEYC is the most recognized professional organization for early childhood educators. In 1985, NAEYC established a rigorous accreditation process to recognize programs providing the highest quality education and care for young children. Only a small percentage of the licensed early childhood programs in Illinois have achieved NAEYC Accreditation. The process includes more than 400 individual criteria to prove a program meets the highest standards. NAEYC Accreditation continues to represent the “gold standard” for excellence in early childhood education.

What is the significance of NAEYC to Kensington School?

Kensington School aligns well with the mission, values and beliefs of NAEYC. We share a rich history of both excellence and innovation in early childhood education. We appreciate each child as an individual learner. We recognize the importance of the early years in a child’s life. We value the connection between family and school. We understand the importance of each child’s unique development and learning experiences. Because of these important similarities, Kensington School engaged in a collegial partnership with NAEYC. Through NAEYC Accreditation, we have received recognition of the superior programs Kensington children and families have benefited from for decades.

What does this mean to our families?

Kensington School has been committed to providing the best early childhood experiences for children for nearly half of a century. Kensington parents now have the additional reassurance that we are nationally recognized for that excellence.

Natural & Organic

Healthy eating is one of the foremost issues on the minds of parents, teachers, administrators, and political leaders alike. In our continued efforts to provide excellence in every area in a child’s day, Kensington School is committed to providing the most nutritious meal service for young children. In 2011, Kensington School became a leader in providing natural and organic food in early childhood education, partnering with OrganicLife Smart Foodservice, the premier provider of natural and organic meal service in the state of Illinois.

Snacks and lunches at Kensington School are made from all things good: free-range poultry, grass-fed beef, hormone-free dairy, organic grains, and fruits and vegetables. Children and teachers enjoy “family style dining” during meal times, with special attention to healthy eating habits and the learning that can develop during this social, enjoyable time.

Kensington School is happy to make accommodations for allergies and food restrictions. When a child in our infant nursery begins to enjoy table food, parents have the opportunity to select items from our menu that are consistent with food tried at home.

Children at Kensington School flourish with this balanced, natural and organic diet, and we know that providing healthy food today will have a positive impact on your child’s tomorrows.

Kensington Cares

Collections of 850 pairs of shoes, 200 Halloween costumes and 1,500 birthday supply items for underprivileged children, 400 holiday gifts for Ronald McDonald House Charities, truckloads of canned goods, 575 pounds of care package supplies for active duty soldiers, 300 mittens and 200 hats, and much more, because Kensington cares…

Kensington School is a vested member of each and every community we serve. Through carefully planned donation drives, community events and service projects, “Kensington Cares” strives to make a positive impact in our communities.

From Kensington School students and families contributing to giving baskets and mitten trees, to Kensington School staff members grabbing a hammer for Habitat for Humanity, Kensington children, families, teachers and directors take pride in helping communities all over the Chicago area.