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classroom highlights from

marvelous march

Through project based learning, children wondered, investigated, observed, acted and found answers! 




The Book/Dr. Seuss Project


What does an author and an illustrator do?

Celebrating Wacky Wednesday

Making green eggs and ham

Library circulation desk as dramatic play

Rhyming games

What is a main character?   The setting?

How are books made?

Becoming authors - writing our own books

Special visiting readers, book editor





A Study of Birds, Nests and Worms


Using binoculars and making our own

Identifying Illinois birds

What kind of bird would you want to be?

Making birdfeeders and bird snacks

Special visitors - science teachers and wildlife expert

with rescued falcons

Still life drawing of birds, labeling parts of bird

Digging for worms in sensory tables

Making classroom aviary in dramatic play







The Potato Project


Where do potatoes grow?

Measuring potatoes - height and width

Growing potato plants

Counting the eyes of a potato

Types of potatoes - Russet, Red, Gold

Potato patterning and classifying

Mr. Potato Head’s 5 senses

How many gold nuggets does your potato weigh?




Bridges, Ramps and Pathways Project


Types of bridges

Designing our own bridge

Acting out Billy Goats Gruff using real wood bridge

How big of a bridge will support a stapler? Two blocks?

Lincoln Log bridges

Making classroom bridge mural

How will I cross our classroom bridge?


Our students will be exploring chicks and eggs, rabbits, spring weather, fairy tales and comparing big and small through our   April project based learning experiences.

What will your child discover?




Kensington School is coming to Elmhurst!


We’re pleased to report that construction continues on our newest location.   Opening late summer 2014 at 425 South Spring Road, Kensington School of Elmhurst will offer programs for infants through full-day kindergarten.  We are thrilled to become a part of the Elmhurst community and invite you to contact us or join us at an upcoming event to learn more!